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11 Hour

I wanna give free Idea for animator on newgrounds.

It is about a man that want to china for a week. On the flight, the pilot allergic to a fart. But when everyone is sleep someone fart when he sleep. The pilot died. When the man wakes up he saw everyone is shouting. The police give parachute to everyone. The man felt scared to jump so he jump when everyone already do it. The man fly to another way from the others. so he landed on the weird island. He keep walking and saw a house. A note in the front of the door says "Mr.Anderson house". So the man get in and saw a telephone. he tried to call 911 but heard a note again from the owner. "You can only stay here until 11 hour". The man go upstairs and found the rope and saw a diary book over the table. It read :-

"Unknown: So you want to sleep here?

Jeef: Yes I am feeling sleepy.

Jeef: So good night to you.

Unknown: Good night my peep.

That was my time to kill him at 11pm and I got his eye!!!"

The man gasped. He run to downstairs and saw a door. it is locked. He go to downstairs again and saw a pool. he swim there and found a key. He used it to open the door. He got on another room and see his own smart watch. It is broken because the smart watch is not resistant to water. So he go to the window and use the rope to go down. He saw a towel then he clean his smart watch and saw it was 10.59. He go upper roof but it was locked. so he saw door with the same lock before. so he use his key and go up and try to call 911 using his smart watch. A helicopter fly to the roof of the house. The man glanced his back and saw a monster. He fight with the monster and punch its eye and the monster run away. The man became a survivor of the island.


It is fun to read right?

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